Pastors and Church Leaders:
If you have a desire to maximize the equipping of your congregation for the work of ministry, then a Resident Bible College may be the next step.

Start Your Own Association Extension Organizations Program Branch of United American Free Will Baptist Bible College utilizing our curriculum.

This form of Christian Education will allow you to have the hands on as to how the future leaders are trained and EMPOWER YOUR MINISTRY!


Eight Questions that may Change your Life:

1. Has God given you a vision to educate your people?
2. Are you a gifted teacher or preacher?
3. Are there gifted teachers or preachers in your church that want to work for the Lord?
4. Do you have people in your church or ministry that desire to learn more about the Bible?
5. Do you have a building or classroom that stands vacant two or more days each week?
6.  Do you and your ministry have a desire to see the world saved?
7.  Do you believe the Matthew 28:19-20 Great Commission for today?
8.  Do you want to see your church or ministry grow?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, you may be a candidate to have your own Franchised, Degree Granting, Association Extension Organizations Program of United American Free Will Baptist Bible College!

Who can qualify to have Franchised Association Extension Organizations United American Free Will Baptist Bible College?
You can if . . .
1. You are a Christian dedicated to serving the Lord.
2. You have a biblical Master’s Degree or greater.
3. You can provide an official transcript for your degree.
4. You can provide a resume of your work and ministry experience.
5. You hold to the basic tenets of the UAFWBD/UAFWBBC Statement of Faith.
6. You have a vision to train men and women for God’s service.
7. You have the ability to teach.
8. You have the ability to lead an organization.
9. You are willing to follow an approved, interdenominational curriculum.
10. You have a place, or can obtain a place, for classroom meetings.
11. You can afford the Branch Fee and Training Fee.
12. You are a trustworthy keeper of records and finances.

Take the next step by clicking here to download the UAFWBBC Association Extension Organizations Program Application.

You can now submit your application and fee online by clicking here.

Please complete the form and return either to the address or fax number below. You may also scan your completed application and send it via email.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

United American Free Will Baptist Bible College is recognized by Bible Colleges and Seminaries world-wide. Correspondence distance learning as well as onsite resident classes are available.